KATY (Covering Katy News) - Numerous cars had to be towed from roads near the Golf Club at Cinco Ranch Thursday afternoon after rain came down so quickly that the drains on Peek Road and Cinco Ranch Boulevard could not keep up with the downpour. 

The esplanade on Peek Road will require repair work after cars left ruts in the grass from drivers who attempted to get their vehicles out of the flood waters. Numerous cars got stuck and so did a delivery truck from the U.S. postal service.

"There are several roads that are closed," said Fort Bend County Precinct 3Constable Wayne Thompson.

Mail truck stuck

The mail truck became stuck on the Peer Road Esplanade between Kingsland Boulevard and Cinco Ranch Boulevard.

"I could not get down Peek Road at all," another motorist told Covering Katy.

Some drivers waited out the flooding in the parking lot of the golf club.

"There are wreckers and stalled cars all over the place," remarked one Covering Katy reader on Facebook.

The traditional flooding areas overflowed first.  Cullen Park and near-by Saums Road in Katy/West Harris County flooded but there were other problem areas too.

Car being towed on Peer Road near Cinco Ranch Boulevard

One of many cars that needed to be towed after getting caught in flood water in Cinco Ranch. This was on Peer Road near Cinco Ranch Boulevard. 

Mason Road at Fry Road by Beck Junior High School saw high water according to a reader who shared that information on Covering Katy's Facebook page. Westgreen Boulevard near Taylor High School was hit hard by the rain according to another reader.  Mason Road near Provincial Boulevard also flooded which slowed traffic on Mason. 

Numerous traffic signals were knocked out. The flashing traffic lights helped traffic move through major intersections but it happened more slowly than if the lights had been working properly. 

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