Updated with additional figures on the cost of the projects.

CITY OF KATY (Covering Katy News) – The City of Katy and the management district for the Katy Mills area have recently upgraded their water towers with a mural of flying geese by artists Rolf and Peter Goetzinger of Spokane, Washington.

The Goetzinger brothers have been painting murals on water tanks for about 20 years. Most of their work can be found in the pacific northwest.

The two artists used a telescopic boom that allowed them to move around the 135-foot structures with ease.

Geese were chosen for the mural because they can be found in the Katy Prairie.

The word Katy is in bold, red font on the towers.

The most visible water tower is along the Katy Freeway between the feeder road and Walmart, but there is a similar water tower that is on Franz Road between the City of Katy municipal courts building and the City of Katy police station.

The tank at Katy Mills total cost is $318,790 to refurbish, and the Franz Road total cost is 287,310 to refurbish. The total cost includes engineering, and the cost to paint the whole tower prior to the mural being added to its face.
Included in the cost of the Franz Road project was $36,750 which was paid to the artists for the mural. The Katy Management District paid for the Katy Mills project.  The City of Katy paid for the Franz Road project. We do not have a cost breakdown for the Katy Mills tower.
See photo of the Franz Road water tower below.

See photos below.

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