Buffalo Bayou and the Diversion Channel

The area of the Buffalo Bayou (as marked by the two black lines) currently being desilted by Texas Dewatering, LLC for Fort Bend County Drainage District. The area of the Diversion Channel (as marked by the two blue lines) will be desilted by Allgood Construction Co. Inc. for WFDD.

KATY/FORT BEND COUNTY (Covering Katy News) - The Willow Fork Drainage District Board of Directors recently hired Allgood Construction Company to complete the desilting of the remaining portion of the Buffalo Bayou diversion channel from the wastewater treatment plant to the location where the the channel rejoins Buffalo Bayou. The wastewater treatment plant is on Cinco Park Road across the the channel from Canyon Gate.  

Allgood Construction was the lowest of 4 bidders and will complete the project for $4.25 million dollars. 

"The cost of this project will be submitted to FEMA for partial reimbursement from damage incurred by Hurricane Harvey," wrote board member Wendy Duncan on a social media post. "The work is scheduled to begin as soon as possible," she added.

Duncan wrote that there is a reason that the diversion channel is being desilted in the final stages of what is a much larger project. 

"The work on the Diversion Channel was dependent on the desilt of the Buffalo Bayou because the channel acts as a silt trap to the bayou. If the Diversion Channel were desilted before the bayou, the material from the bayou could have blown into our channel and necessitated a second costly desilt project for WFDD," Duncan wrote. "Now that the county has desilted a large portion of the bayou and anticipates completion date around the end of September (dependent on weather), WFDD’s engineer has given the go ahead to proceed with the diversion channel project," Duncan wrote.

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