KATY (Covering Katy News)—The Katy Pony All-Stars are headed to the Pony Shetland, Pinto & Pinto-Plus World Series. The series will be played Wednesday through Saturday at the Youngsville Sports Complex in Youngsville, La., which is 253 miles east of Katy. Opening ceremonies are at 9 a.m. Wednesday.

To celebrate the team’s achievements, the Goddard School, 5220 Ranch Point Dr., held a celebration and pep rally Monday afternoon. Players, their classmates, family, and staff enjoyed refreshments, including a cake, lemonade, pretzel sticks (for bats) and large marshmallows (for baseballs).

Ashish Gupta, the school’s owner, said some of the players have been students there.

Clint Reeves, one of the team’s coaches, said the enthusiasm at the event as “overwhelming, to say the least.” His son Riley is a left fielder on the team.

“The parents have really come together and helped out,” Reeves said. “I’m just one of four coaches and we all had a great time teaching these boys, sharing the knowledge we have.”

Denise Clark, mother of Blake Clark, a pitcher and outfielder on the team, said she didn’t expect that the team would enjoy the season it has. She said she planned to travel to Louisiana to watch the series.

“They’ve had a good season,” Denise Clark, mother of Blake Clark, a pitcher and outfielder on the team, said. “Go Katy All-Stars!”

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